About Theatrical costumes

Scenario, choreography, thought, word.

Rigid frames enchanted in one phrase - " theatrical costume order" or approval for my own interpretation - still always inspiration.

Sketch is born, project on paper. Work with fabric; cut and tack, prototype is born.

Next sketch, next piece of fabric, next prototype. Shaping to create interaction, tension between single patterns, so as a whole and on it's own, they could intact equally to become informative part of a spectacle.

Now it's time for dress-making.

Back stitching, trimming, affixing.

Trying it on and director's appraisal - at the back of my mind scene from "Personnel" movie by KieĊ›lowski.

Costumes collection is born.

On the stage alongside with main theme, theatrical costume lives it's own life.

If the show on stage creates unity with interpretation, I achieved my goal.