What is Kokoshe? Why would I absorb Your attention? I'm about to tell you what to expect when surfing this very website. Kokoshe may be considered by some as a commercial venture with its artistic aureole, by others as satisfying to senses creation demanding only spendings back, whilst the rest...

Well and for me?

Kokoshe manoeuvres are all about expressing Your true-self. Kokoshe bursts with ideas and visions formed as whipped into shape sphere. Space - three dimensions with rigged and ganged up by me particles, nested within. Flat in a form if used for mise-en-scene or it stays all the way spatial when it comes to outfits, costumes and installations.

What for?

To execute my procreational needs, to give myself the one and only exciting consciousness of being talented (please do not take it away from me - I beg). And for You Dear Guest? To make You feel, to impress You, to help You soak presented intention, its burden. To help You demonstrate inner self through outfit or simply to make You feel good. In concept Kokoshe is a synonym of objects and actions begeted with deep deep commitment . Wanna know more?

...come closer. Hope Kokoshe will win You over.