Army of God

Men's line, called Army of God is combines uniform like garments with biological prints. Easy to wear, formal, yet comfortable. Individually made of 100% cotton. Original, and good  to wear under any circumstances: both at work, and i the club. It started with an old photo portraying my grandfather Bogdan Wierzbicki, an officer of Polish Army between WW1 and WW2.  

Exhibition at Pure Shanghai fashion trade show, 2015 &reddot; designer: Bogna Rząd &reddot; collaboration: Jacek Magnuszewski &reddot; photography: Agnieszka Kot &reddot; graphic design: Tomek Wolff &reddot; flowers design: Józef Bendziecha &reddot; accesories design: Massimo Buffa &reddot; casing: Massimo Buffa &reddot; models: Józef Bendziecha, Stefan Kucharski