Ornithos theatre

Triptych "The Creation of the World" by Hieronymus Bosh is a medley of human tales - man's fate ruled by lust and imperfections. I see features reflected in my own life, some arousing genius, while others as spine-chilling warnings. Human statuettes entangled with fantastic beasts taken from Mother Earth's fauna or abundant imagination of it's creator.
I like to focus on the winged freaks - bird like movement is a quintessence of my performance. 'My aim is to deliver form and emotion to every single participant spectator with motion and music sustaining the performance.'

"Birds in Garden of Delights" "Garden of Earthly Delights" by Hieronymus Bosh - dozens of exposed bodies teasing my imagination. Bosh's man is denuded, sealed in pure form. Following this lead, I create fragile, seethrough costumes, dauntless for me and the models. From nakedness into attire. Balancing between bashfulness and provocation. Slippery liaison, mutual reliance and understanding are vital. I'm thinking of identity, mood and character of a specific person; creation process in progress.

"Ornithos" project - choreographic conception @44th Theatrical Encounters, Bogusławski Theatre, Kalisz,2004 &reddot; director: Bogna Rząd and Damian Neogenn-Lindner &reddot; costumes: Bogna Rząd &reddot; musical arrangement: Damian Neogenn-Lindner &reddot; multimedia and installation: Robert Zakrzewski &reddot; lighting design: Piotr Pawlik &reddot; photography: Bogdan Rząd &reddot; make-up: Anna Sałata &reddot; graphic design: Józef Bendziecha &reddot; characters: Basia Durczak, Tomek Graczyk, Agnieszka Kołodyńska-Iglesias, Maja Graf, Kasia Kasica, Adam Grzybowski, Michalina Bodusz, Basia Czechowska, Sebastian Pawlak, Milena Suś-Strapko, Ania Wytych, Iza Wierzbicka, Dominik Jurewicz