Three Fold Line

Women's line, called Three Fold is a line of pleated fabric (42% polyester, 58% viscose). Result of two years of experiments with weight, color, touch and look. Easy to wash. No need to iron. One size fits (almost) all. The line is based on three symbolic features: Purification, or rejection of any excess embellishments and distortions, Mystery, that is the mystery of concealing and safe shelter, and Sexuality, or the joy of their own bodies and courage of showing it. Three Fold is a line item for the modern woman, full of life, wanting the respective awards. Collection is inspired by 30’s of XX century. It was youth time of my grandma Kazimiera Wierzbicka, who was my first sew teacher.

Exhibition at Pure London fashion trade show, 2015; Bread & Butter Berlin,2015.; magazine appearance. &reddot; designer,  stylization: Bogna Rząd &reddot; collaboration: Jacek Magnuszewski &reddot; photography, logo KOKOSHE: Tomek Jankowski &reddot; graphic design: &reddot; casing: Massimo Buffa &reddot; model: Monika Kępka