Leonardo da Vinci - synonym of Renaissance man. From visual arts into mechanical engineering, human body engineering even. Top notch candidate for ascendancy in arts of design with connotation in a real world. True subject immersion followed by root cause in my academic apprenticeship - my piece of work "in vitro cultivation of cucumber venesa seeds", probably not as good as Codex Atlanticus, but I did try again - with my "Tissue" project.




Viscera Female

Viscera Masculine


project and underground installation in Wiegtów Kalisz Brewery, 2009 &reddot; a presentation as part of 49th Theatrical Encounters in Kalisz &reddot; concept, creation, scenography: Bogna Rząd &reddot; characters: Iza Wierzbicka, Tomek Graczyk &reddot; photographs, graphic design, sampling, post-production: Tomek Jankowski