や YA Cap

や YA Cap

や YA Cap

Little Red Riding Hood wore it, so may you. It requires some bravery, but you can match a fairy tale's heroe? Play with the world and do not worry.

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Technically it is a cap, althought we called it a hood. Unfortunately „hood” does not sound serious enough. Anyway, our aim is to cover our Thinking Part with something in everyday situations. Triangular sign that suggests our bravery and ability to defend against the volves of everyday.

The cap is made of fabric, which Bogna had been developing for more than two years. Hand-pleated with help of some nineteenth century machines, this specially formulated fabric is produced in small quantities only. Dyeing is done in an unique way that requires a lot of work. Suffice to say, that the raw fabric is dyed into ANOTHER COLOR, which gives it the appropriate weight, and then into the RIGHT COLOR (four colors are currently availabl: white, black, red and gray). The fabric is mostly made of natural fibers. Due to addition of viscose the pleated fabric wraps around every silhouette, giving the "Origami effect" (folds like paper), while maintaining naturalness - airiness and lightness of the fabric.

Try it , and you will understand what Bogna had in mind.

All THREE FOLD line products, aside from their timelessness and sublime form, boast strong practical features:

First:UNI SIZE - this means that thanks to the fabric and cut, a THREE FOLD dress can fit anyone. (That includes YOU, dear lady).

Secondly: no ironing is needed. You can remove the THREE FOLD dress from the suitcase and immediately wear it at a cocktail or at a formal meeting. You'll look great in any of them.

Thirdly: it is easy to wash, the colors are fast. The dress is always ready and elegant.

Three dimensions of THREE FOLD collection

Purification - wearing clothes from this collection you become the center of attention, thanks to their sophisticated simplicity. You purify your SELF. No need for of the many extras and accessories. The role of accessories and jewellery may be taken over by the shawls and the ruffs of the same collection. All elements of this collection can be freely combined with each other.

Sexuality - my K point - each of us has her, physical and mental point, which is at the center of everything we do. No matter what roles we play throughout the day, the center remains unchanged. THREE FOLD line dresses refer to the center of our self, by gentle hints of cut, emphasizing your physical body and our sexuality. Feel that.

Mystery - we all have secrets, haven't we? THREE FOLD is a collection that allows you to hide more, than to show. Let's go on a journey into the unknown areas. "An undiscoverd country, from whose bourn no traveler returns." (Hamlet). When we say that KOKOSHE is a new experience of wearing things, we say the truth. See for yourself and your attitude to the world will change. Forever.

Fabric and care information:

42% Poliester / 58% Viscose / Made in Poland

Available colors:


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