„KOKOSHE is a clothing brand which aims at changing humans attitude to wearing clothes” proudly states Bogna Rząd, until recently an independent artist, related to theatrical and performance worlds. Presently Bogna is bravely sailing her brand through the stormy waters of world fashion.

„KOKOSHE is rapidly winning the hearts of women who need change, practically everywhere”

THREE FOLD is a line of clothes for women who want a new experience in wearing clothes, and, at the same time to have unique and yet practical creations.

The purpose of the line THREE FOLD, is to hit the "K"point - a symbolic point of our consciousness, in which the most important emotions and feelings are born.

The line is based on three symbolic features: Purification, or rejection of any excess embellishments and distortions, Mystery, that is the mystery of concealing and safe shelter, and Sexuality, or the joy of their own bodies and courage of showing it.

KOKOSHE is a journey through history of arts, merged with subtle look at contemporary clothing esthetics. It's affirmation of form which creates harmony of reality. KOKOSHE collections are full of fairytale, theatre and antique. They create intimate, often controversial sets of feelings, contained in fabrics cut and grain. KOKOSHE designs for bold clientele with rich imagination, seeking unique construction forms. For individuals who also appreciate great style, superior fabric quality and workmanship.

KOKOSHE brand was established in 2006 by fashion designer, Bogna Rząd The first collection was called "KOKOSHE Flowers" - a set of handcrafted party dresses. Experience gained while attending London craft fairs allowed them wider recognition on local, market.

Besides regular KOKOSHE design work, Bogna created dance and theatrical costumes and collaborated with friends in various art projects.

Creative paths:

01. Fashion project "KOKOSHE Dangerous Liaisons", 2013.
02. Attending Hush Warsaw Fashion Fair, Poland, 2013.
03. Art-fashion project "Androgyn", 2012.
04. Attending About Design Fashion Fair Gdynia, Poland, 2012.
05. Finalist of Lexus Fashion Night Gala Warsaw, Poland, 2011.
06. "Tissue" project and exhibition in old underground Wiegt Brewery, Kalisz, Poland, 2009.
07. Fashion project "ZIN Ethnic", 2009.
08. "Made in KOKO" - project at MultiArt Festival Kalisz, Poland, 2007.
09. Theatrical costume creations for - among others - "Pinokio", dir. M. Bortkiewicz; "As You Like It", dir. R. Czechowski, 2003 - 2004.
10. "Ornithos" - choreographic event in Bogusławski Theatre Kalisz, Poland, during 44 Theatrical Meetings, 2002.
11. "Evviva dell'arte" - finalist of "Złota Nitka 2001" competition, exhibition at Polish-French Days at Poznański Mansion Łodź, Poland. Publications: Moda Forum, Wysokie Obcasy and Pozytyw magazines.
12. Designer for Telimena fashion house Łodź, Poland, 2000 - 2001.
13. "Teatralia" - finalist of "Złota Nitka 2000" competition Łodź, Poland. Media Award, attending ASP Łódź Gala, Wysokie Obcasy magazine Award, 2000.
14. Dance costume creations for "Między czasem a czasem" play - choreographer W. Jurewicz, Award at International Dance Forms Presentations Kalisz, Poland, 1999.