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KOKOSHE is a pilgrimage across the history of art, intertwined with a subtle appreciation for modern fashion aesthetics. It is conceived in the adoration of form, exposing harmony in reality. KOKOSHE collections are filled with theatre, steeped in fairy-tales and evocative of antiquity. They conjure feelings that are intimate, profound and even controversial, sensations imbued in the cut and weave of the fabric. KOKOSHE creates for a bold clientele, rich in imagination, customers who seek to elevate their style, who laud the unique above the commonplace. It creates for those who understand quality materials, appreciated fine workmanship and aspire to look exceptional. KOKOSHE was initiated in 2006 by fashion designer Bogna Rząd and culture expert Milena Suś-Strapko. The first collection, "KOKOSHE Flowers”, comprised handcrafted evening gowns*, fusing classic style with contemporary design and construction. KOKOSHE has developed through new collections, engagement with the London craft fair community, creation of costumes for dance and theatre, and through collaborative art - fashion projects.

Bogna Rząd

Bogna Rząd

Creative Paths:

  • Kokeshi Project 2016
  • "Army of God" exhibition at Pure Shanghai fashion trade show, 2015.
  • "Three Fold Line" exhibition at Pure London fashion trade show, 2015; Bread & Butter Berlin,2015.; Vogue.it magazine appearance.
  • Fashion project "Well of nightmares", 2015.
  • Fashion project "Womens garden", 2015.
  • Art project "La Sirene", 2015.
  • Art project "The Garden of Paper Delights", 2014; designscene.net magazine appearance.
  • Fashion project "Dangerous Liaisons", 2013.
  • Contribution in Hush Warsaw fashion trade show, 2013.
  • Chairman of the Board of the association non-profit "Żywa", 2005-2014.
  • Art-fashion project and installation in Żywa - "Androgyn", 2014; papercutmag.com magazine appearance.
  • About Design fashion trade show Gdynia, 2012.
  • Finalist of Gala Lexus Fashion Night Warsaw, 2011. Viva Moda magazine appearance.
  • "Tissue" project and underground installation in Wiegtów Kalisz Brewery, 2009. A presentation as part of 49th Theatrical Encounters in Kalisz.
  • "ZIN Ethic" fashion project, 2009.
  • "Made in KOKO" intermedia project at MultiArt festival Kalisz, Poland 2007.
  • Creation of theatrical costumes including: "As You like it", directed by R. Czechowski, 2003; "Wieje" directed by M.Siegoczyński, 2004; "Pinokio" directed by M. Bortkiewicz, 2005; "The New Electric Ballroom" directed by R.Zioło, 2009; " Me, Hamlet" directed by M.Kalita, 2010.
  • Collection "Flowers", 2006.
  • "Ornithos" project - choreographic conception 4th Theatrical Encounters, Bogusławski Theatre, Kalisz,2004. Publication of Nuance Ornithos calendar- honourable mention at "Vidical" contest, Wilanów - Warszawa 2003.
  • "Evviva dell'arte" - finalist of "Złota Nitka 2001" competition, exhibit as a member of PolishFrench Days at Posen Palace, Łódź; magazines publicity: Moda Forum, Wysokie Obcasy, Pozytyw.
  • Designer for Telimena fashion house Łódź, 2000-2001.
  • "Teatralia" - finalist of "Złota Nitka 2000" contest, Łódź - Media Award, also attending Gala ASP Łódź, Wysokie Obcasy magazine award. Show appearance at Bogusławski Theatre in Kalisz, 41st Theatrical Encounters, 2001.
  • Creation of dance costumes for "Między czasem a czasem" spectacle - choreography W.Jurewicz, award at International Dance Forms Presentations, Kalisz, 1999.
  • Undergraduated studies at Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, faculti - Fashion Design, 1996‑2000.
  • Graduated at University of Agliculture in Poznań, faculti - Biotechnology, 1989/90 ‑1993/94